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Alina Fedotova
Alina Fedotova

About the artist

Alina Fedotova was born in 1986 in Sevastopol. Lives and works in Moscow. Cross-disciplinary artist, working with painting, graphics, photography, video, and audiovisual art. Graduated from the Black Sea branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University majoring in Ocean Geography (2008), studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv at the departments of Easel Painting and Free Graphics (2008-2015), received her MA at the Opole Art Institute in Poland majoring in New Media (2014-2017), took a course at the School of Contemporary Art “Free Workshops” majoring in New Art (2020-2021). The works can be found in private collections in Russia, Austria, the UK and the USA.

Selected exhibitions:
2021 Adaptation, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow;
2020 Exhibition of HSE students and participants of Open Workshops, Print workshop Imprint, CTI Factory, ART- SPACE-HOPPING-MSCW, Moscow;
2020 Procession, Weddell Sea (Southern Ocean) ->> Barents Sea (Arctic Ocean) ->> Halaktyrsky Beach (Pacific Ocean);
2019 Afterimage, Voloshyn Gallery, Kiev;
2019 Amplitude, FACE Foundation, Kiev;
2018 Women's Project Marry me!, Kiev History Museum, Kiev;
2018 Open Museum, Session II, Elektromuseum, Moscow;
2017 Rzeczy Istotne 3, Josef Elsner Opole Philharmonic, Opole, Poland;
2017 Personal project Brzeg. Bezsenność, a4 Gallery, Opole, Poland;
2016 Zero Arctic Biennale of Contemporary Art (main project), Yakutsk, Russia;
2016 Personal project Coast. Insomnia, LAVRA Gallery, Kiev.

Selected audiovisual projects and festivals:
2021-2022 Video for electroacoustic work Goodbye, my dear Oleg Gudachev 9th floor, Media Center of the New Stage of the Alexandriysky Theater, St. Petersburg, Russia;
2020 Digital Scenography project for Maxim Shalygin's electroacoustic work Angel, Zuiderstrandtheater, The Hague, Netherlands;
2020 Audiovisual project Dream of the Ocean, NIS Keldysh, Weddell Sea, Southern Ocean;
2019 Audiovisual performance SITUATION Zamęt in the framework of the AA+ project with Arkadiusz Mazewski, 360 Gallery (HEVRE), Krakow, Poland;
2018 Digital Scenography project ( with Nadia Bock) for the concert of electroacoustic music by Maria Alikhanov Electrotubus, Stanislavsky Electrotheater, Moscow;
2018 Audiovisual Diptych Nostalgia (Earth/Island), Live Performers Meeting (LPM), Rome;
2018 Video for Oleg Gudachev's electroacoustic play The Dark Cathedral, Festival of Contemporary Music Another Space, Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic, Moscow;
2017 Audiovisual performance OUTSIDE the control zone, Yan Kohanovsky Theater, Opole, Poland.
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