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Reflection of the visual
01 July
03 September


Anastasia Volkova, curator of the exhibition and CEO of the gallery, selected works by four authors: Dmitry Shorin, Elena Kulik and Igor Kulik, and Svetlana Chimid. All four artists adhere to the traditional technique of painting, rethinking the concept of the visual in art. “Fragile, in the traditional view, visuality in their works turns out to be able to hold the blow of the new reality,” is how art historian Anton Uspensky characterizes their works.


There are not many pure images in art, “uninfected” with meanings. That is why the role of visuality in media is exaggerated. The free and versatile theme of the exhibition gave each author an opportunity to think on this subject and offer his/her vision to the viewer.


Svetlana Chimid uses minimal means of expression to write dramatic fragments from her own biography and raises the question of acceptance of her own corporeality.


St. Petersburg artists Elena Kulik and Igor Kulik were taken away by figurative pop-art aesthetic in the past, but now they are moving towards new hypersensitive metamodern reality. At the exhibition you can see other hypostases of their talent: figurativeness is disappearing, it is  being replaced by new techniques.


Dmitry Shorin’s unique authorial style is based on kitsch picture-perfect reality combined with  slight eroticism.


The exhibition is located at: Moscow, Bobrov lane, 4, building 3.

Opening hours of the gallery: Monday through Saturday. 11:00 – 20:00.

Free entrance.


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