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Svetlana Chimid

About the artist

Svetlana Chimid was born in 1999, Ulan–Ude. She graduated from Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V. I. Surikov at the Russian Academy of Arts, workshop of Aidan Salakhova.

Svetlana brings up the subject of her own ego and her relationships with it, expressing it through her paintings and small plastic arts. In her works, she mainly tries to convey to the viewer a sense of inevitability from herself and the fear of being alone with her thoughts that are devouring her. Some series are made with gloomy shades that create mixed feelings in the viewer. Those works illustrate the rejection of oneself. Other works, on the contrary, are performed mainly in bright colors and reveal the idea of the artist’s self-acceptance. Her paintings are thoughtful and tender, but at the same time cold and inwardly focused – perhaps on feelings or thoughts.

The facial expressions of the characters in Svetlana’s paintings are calm and at the same time sage-like. They create a special field of energy outgoing from the inside of the work. The artist very accurately conveys academic knowledge, thanks to which the emotions of the picture seem even more convincing and sharp.

All series of her paintings are in stark contrast, thus supporting and complementing each other. They personify the thorny spiritual path of the artist – from confusion and anxiety to humility and calmness. Svetlana’s works are very insightful, conscious, deep and at the same time mysterious. The artist managed to convey the rich spectrum of her inner world through the minimum amount of tools.

2022 "The Artist and the Hidden", Gogol Center, Moscow;
2022 "Fragments of proximity", the International Center of Arts "Main Avenue", Yekaterinburg, Russia;
2022 "Reflection of the visual", SISTEMA GALLERY, Moscow;
2022 "Issue 22", Zaryadye Media Center, Moscow;
2022 "If you feel like a nail, everything around you feels like a hammer", SISTEMA GALLERY, Moscow;
2022 "Single color", Reloft ART, Moscow;
2022 "Distant Echo", SISTEMA GALLERY, Moscow;
2021 "Color Field Painting", ARTPLAY Design Center, Moscow;
2019 "THE PROCESS. New Academy", Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow;
2019 "Here and Now", Central Manege, Moscow;
2018 "Ethnica", Central House of Art Workers, Moscow.
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